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我妻子的新妈妈电影 相关解答

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剧情介绍:  Novelist Larry Donner (Billy Crystal) struggles with writer's block due to his resentment towards his ex-wife Margaret (Kate Mulgrew), who stole his book and garnered mainstream success and critical acclaim with it. Owen Lift (Danny DeVito) is a timid, middle-aged man who still lives with his overbearing, abusive mother (Anne Ramsey). Owen fantasizes of killing his mother but can't summon the courage to bring his desires into fruition. As a student in Larry's community college writing class, Owen is given advice by Larry to view an Alfred Hitchcock film to gain some insight into plot development. He sees Strangers on a Train, in which two strangers conspire to commit a murder for each other, figuring their lack of connection to the victim will, in theory, establish a perfect alibi. Having overheard Larry's public rant that he wish his ex-wife dead, Owen forms a plan to kill Margaret, believing that Larry will respond by killing his mother.  He tracks Margaret down to Hawaii and follows her onto a cruise ship, apparently pushing her overboard while she tries to retrieve an earring that fell out. Owen returns from Hawaii to tell Larry of Margaret's death and that Larry now "owes" him the murder of his mother, lest he inform the police Larry was the killer. After having spent the night drinking alone during the hours of Margaret's disappearance, Larry panics because he lacks a sufficient alibi. That, along with a news report announcing the police suspect foul play, convinces Larry he's the prime suspect. He decides to stay with Owen and his mother in an attempt to hide from the police. Larry meets Mrs. Lift, but despite her harsh treatment of him he refuses to kill her. Eventually, when Mrs. Lift drives Owen to the breaking point, Larry finally relents and agrees to go through with the murder.  After two unsuccessful attempts, Larry flees the Lift home when Mrs. Lift recognizes him as a suspect from a news broadcast about his ex-wife's disappearance. He boards a train to Mexico and, surprisingly, Owen and Mrs. Lift come along so as to avoid having to lie for him. During the journey, Larry's patience with Mrs. Lift reaches its pinnacle when she impolitely gives him advice on writing. He follows her to the caboose with the intent of throwing her from the train, but stops short when she almost falls off on her own. Owen begins having second thoughts about having his mother killed and comes to help Larry rescue her. Mrs. Lift is grateful at her son for saving her, but unappreciative of Larry's help and kicks him, resulting in him losing his balance, landing on the tracks, and breaking his leg.  During his recovery in the hospital, Larry discovers Margaret is still alive; she simply fell overboard by accident and was rescued by a Polynesian fisherman whom she has decided to marry. Much to his annoyance, Larry learns Margaret plans to sell the rights of her ordeal for .5 million dollars. On the advice of a fellow patient, Larry chooses to free himself of his obsession with his ex-wife and instead focus on his own life, thereby freeing him of his writer's block.  A year later, Larry has finished a novel based on his experiences with Owen and Mrs. Lift entitled Throw Momma from the Train. Owen visits and informs him that his mother has died (of natural causes) and that he's going to New York City for the release of his own book. Unfortunately, Owen reveals his book is also about their experiences together. Thinking his book has been scooped, an enraged Larry proceeds to strangle him, but stops when Owen shows him the book is a children's pop-up book called, Momma, Owen, and Owen's Friend Larry with the story drastically altered to be suitable for children. Months later, Larry, Owen, and Larry's girlfriend Beth (Kim Greist) vacation together in Hawaii, reflecting on the final chapter of Larry's book. Larry and Owen's books have now become best-sellers, making them both successful writers as well as close friends.
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剧情介绍:  ------A Chorus Line was not just another hit show. It spoke to and for a generation. For those who loved it, the theater was forever changed, and our lives forever enriched by this "singular sensation."  电影讲述的是一次试演,扎克(迈可-道格拉斯饰),一个著名而且非常老练严厉的音乐剧导演要为他的新作品挑选一支强健有力的歌舞团队,参加选拔的舞蹈演员挤满了大街。竞争是激烈的,很快第一轮就淘汰了一大半人。所有人都怀着忐忑不安的心情唱着:God I hope I get it.I hope I get it,I really need this job,please God I need this job.第二轮过后剩下仅十六人,他们中有稚气未脱的少男少女,有在舞台上奋斗多年的老手,有新婚夫妇还有承担家庭重担的父亲,当他们以为自己已经通过选拔沉浸在兴奋中时,扎克告诉他们还有最后一轮筛选。他要求每个人讲述自己的人生和舞蹈生涯,以使他弄清楚他们是什么样的人,谁满足他所需要的。十六个人站成一排,开始一个个地讲述自己的秘密,他们的成长,回忆,荣耀与悲哀,虽然开始有些犹豫。(”I can do that” “at the ballet” “hello twelve,hello thirteen,hello love” “dance-ten,looks-three” “nothing”)  扎克的旧情人舞蹈演员卡西,很久前离开他去了好莱坞,但她的事业并没有很好的发展,她回来希望能得到这份工作。而扎克对她的离开还怀恨在心,冷淡地拒绝了她,直到她强烈要求与其他人一同参加选拔,他才勉强同意让她试试(Music and the Mirror----let me dance for you,let me try)在试演主题歌 “one” 时,扎克认为卡西表现太特别,破坏了整个队伍的整齐划一,卡西向他倾诉她当年离开他的愿意是因为爱,她希望能得到他的重视(what I did for love----won’t forget,can’t regret what I did for love)演员保罗在表演踢踏时膝盖受伤被送到了医院,扎克问其他人:如果有一天你不得不停止舞蹈生涯会怎样?大家都表示对舞蹈的热爱,即使不能出名,只能作chorus的一员也值得。最后的选拔到了,十六人只能留下八个,淘汰的人带着遗憾告别,电影在众演员一同表演的主题歌 “one”中结束。 A Chorus Line被称为具有里程碑意义的百老汇音乐剧,它首演于1975年,最初是在外百老汇上演,几个月后才搬到百老汇,它曾在一段时间内保持着百老汇上演时间最长的记录,1990年在百老汇闭演。它是由一群舞蹈演员的真实谈话记录改编来的,也许因为它对舞蹈演员真实感情的刻画才打动了那么多人,许多人特别是演员看了以后都会有与自己心灵相通的感觉。当它被搬上荧幕后,许多看过舞台演出的人表示失望,可惜我们没有机会看到舞台表演。不过我个人喜欢这部片子胜过《芝加哥》(具体说我看芝加哥的一个感觉是乱,而且我不太喜欢它的舞蹈场面)难怪它当年能在TONY奖评选中打败《芝加歌》。 A Chorus Line 的台译是平步青云,我觉得这个译法与情节并不太合适,港译歌舞线上也太直白。M大在DVD收藏指南中讲它译为歌舞人生,这个还比较贴切。但是line在这里应该不是指台词或剧本的意思,个人觉得它就是指这个歌舞队,看老的百老汇歌舞片舞台上总有许多作为背景的歌舞演员排成一排给前台的主角伴舞伴唱,他们也许就是chorus line。同时我注意到影片中舞台的前台有一条明显的白线,参加最后选拔的人在线上站成一排,轮到谁讲时就站出来,在最后的选拔时被点名站出来的人淘汰了,留在线上的人是最后的Winner,这跟片名暗暗呼应。作为chorus line一向是给明星们作陪衬的,他们被要求做到动作完全一致,不能有谁表现突出,以前做solo的卡西对这一点并不适应,结果一再被扎克训斥。她愤然地对扎克说:每一个人都是special的,我就是我自己。Exactly the same or special,我想这也许是电影中两个对立统一的主题。在看前面的个人展示时每个人都有自己不同的经历,不同的个性,当他们在一起表演时又要让观众感觉到他们是完全一致的。影片的结尾扎克对入选者说你们每个人都是特别的,优秀的,并且强调让他们不要改变自己的发型。最后的一段表演每个人都以不同的方式亮相,主题歌 “one”的歌词中又有: “the special one” “second best to none”,这都与主题呼应。这部音乐剧的音乐没有给我留下很深的印象,我最喜欢的是它的舞蹈。影片的一开始就是一大群身着各式各样练功服的舞者伴着很有节奏感的音乐群舞的场景,它给我的感觉是很有活力,充满现代感。我喜欢看那些整齐一致的舞蹈者脸上洋溢着的各具个性的表情,那些自信的,兴奋的,专注的,陶醉的表情。一个脸上尚带着稚气,还不太自信的女孩被叫到前台做示范,当她开始舞动起来时就象换了个人,看似娇柔的身姿竟能爆发出这样一种力量,近似疯狂的力量,仿佛每个细胞都沉浸在音乐节奏中。创作音乐剧的Michael Benett说他希望达到的效果是让观众觉得:these kids shouldn’t be in the chorus.扎克问迈可:你愿意把一生都花在歌舞队里吗?迈可脱口而出:我就是想成为他们中的一个。成千上万的群众演员,成名的廖廖几个,大多数都在事业道路上挣扎,虽然大家都怀着成名的梦想,支持他们奋斗下去的还是对舞蹈的爱好。如果说《红菱艳》是讲述发生在舞蹈演员身上的不幸的童话故事,现实生活中许多的舞蹈演员宁愿自己是那个找到红舞鞋的女孩。舞蹈给她们脱离现实生活不幸的安慰,在at the ballet中她们唱道:everything is beautiful at the ballet,every prince has got to have his swan.I was happy,I was pretty at the ballet. 简单的结构,平淡的剧情,真挚的感情,歌舞与平常生活的结合,也许这就是这部音乐剧抓人的地方。 (P.S. 我了解到有些我们知道的音乐剧演员演过这部音乐剧——Michael Gruber最早在百老汇演的就是A Chorus Line中的Mike Costa,而在电影中饰演舞蹈指导Larry的Terrence Mann是Les Mis Original Broadway Cast 中的沙威。)
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剧情介绍:  空军设计了一种“猿类平衡台”,是一种模拟飞机。让受过训练已会操纵这种平衡台的黑猩猩接受辐射线照射,再看他们能不能操控这种平衡台。可是实验室中负责做此实验的一个年轻军官却日渐对其中一只黑猩猩产生了疼惜之情,而在这黑猩猩要接受辐射线照射之际,决心把它放走——当然,是在年轻美丽的女友协助之下完成。  在这出黑色喜剧中,CIA探员杰克•麦寇从专门训练猩猩打仗的邪恶实验室中,救出一只身怀武功的天才黑猩猩,使它逃过不人道的科学实验。  不甘心的实验室主人于是决定追回他的财产及他的犯罪证据。天才黑猩猩虽然才智过人,身怀忍者绝技,不过人类的邪恶以及它的死穴——充满诱惑力的香蕉,使他们处于下风,险遇不测。幸好杰克及猩猩遇到小男孩麦可的援助。一众追捕和逃难的人马从动物园游走至学校、游乐场和球场上,过关斩将,到处引起骚动……  这部充满笑料、童趣、动作及冒险精神的电影,加入了功夫及惊险的元素,开创出一个另类的“动物”功夫片种。片中抢尽镜头的黑猩猩顽皮多计、敏捷醒目,造就了许多活力充沛、热闹混乱的搞笑场面。就好像球场上的一场戏,极尽娱乐性,黑猩猩的身手,让整个过程像上了快镜一样,令人开怀大笑。而喜欢动物的朋友,则一定更要留意了。尤其最近的市场上,除了纪录片或动画片中的动物外,有可观性的由动物参与的好电影根本乏善可陈。  这部适合全家大小欣赏的电影,除了在法国取景,大部分是在阳光普照的南加州圣地亚哥拍摄的,动物做秀及演员众多的场面不但挑战拍摄难度,更使得制作认真。演员马修•莫汀一改以往内敛含蓄的演绎手法,展现他利落的身手,放开怀抱地引领黑猩猩演出,努力功不可没,而且成功有目共睹。本片的音响效果及轻松富节奏感的配乐,更增加了电影的完美及娱乐性。
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剧情介绍:  UCLA college student Jonathan Moore (Anthony Edwards) is playing a game called "Gotcha" (popular on mid-1980s college campuses as "Assassin" or "Tag"), wherein the players are all assigned a mock "hit" on another player by use of a harmless paintball gun. Moore and his apartment roommate Manolo go on a vacation to Paris, France. After touring some of Paris, in a cafe Moore meets Sasha Banicek (Linda Fiorentino), a Czechoslovakian girl. Eventually, Jonathan has intercourse with Sasha, losing his virginity.  Jonathan decides to leave Manolo (who is heading to Spain) and go with Sasha to West Berlin to spend more time with her. Jonathan believes that he is in love with Sasha. There, Jonathan and Sasha continue to have sex and even go to an Oktoberfest beer gathering. One night, Sasha tells Jonathan that she has to go to East Berlin to pick up a package. One night after arriving in East Berlin, Sasha leaves their hotel room and walks to dark street corner. There, Sasha meets a German man who tells her the location of the pickup of her package. Meanwhile, Sasha was being monitored by a Soviet agent, who was sitting in a car at a distance. During the day, Sasha tells Jonathan that if she gives him a certain message, it means that he has to leave East Berlin immediately. At a cafe, Sasha gives Jonathan a package and says that a strudel is inside. A little later, Sasha tells Jonathan to meet her at the butcher shop near their hotel. All of a sudden, a Soviet agent begins to chase after Sasha. Sasha decides to use Jonathan (who is holding her package) to unknowingly get the package over to West Berlin. Meanwhile, Sasha is taken by the Soviet agent and East German secret police.  Jonathan goes to Checkpoint Charlie to cross the heavily fortified border into West Berlin. At the East German customs search, Jonathan is stripped of his clothes and given a cavity search. Meanwhile, Sasha is stripped and searched for possible espionage evidence. Vlad arrives at the border crossing to search for Jonathan, however Jonathan passes the border safely before he can be captured. Once in West Berlin, Jonathan feels liberated by the Westernized society. In the hotel, Jonathan receives a message from Sasha to meet him at a specified location. Jonathan finds out that his hotel room was broken into and robbed of his traveler's checks. Soviet agents eventually find Jonathan in West Berlin and chase him throughout a public park. Jonathan jumps into a water canal and manages to escape from the Soviets and stumbles upon a German rock group headed for Hamburg, who offer him a ride to the airport.  The rock group successfully get Jonathan to the airport (using full-face makeup to sneak him past a checkpoint) and Jonathan finally arrives in Los Angeles Tom Bradley International Airport and to his apartment. Soon, Vlad and a band of Soviet agents arrive too in Los Angeles. Once home, Jonathan stumbles upon a film canister, which was planted by Sasha. Jonathan visits his parents and tells them what happened in Germany but they cannot believe a word of it and think Jonathan is on drugs. Jonathan decides to call the FBI then the Central Intelligence Agency for help. Jonathan returns to find his apartment broken into and looted.  The CIA officer tells Jonathan to give them the photo film canister. At the Los Angeles headquarters of the CIA, Jonathan spots Sasha who looks like she was working there. Jonathan eventually meets up with Sasha. Sasha admits that she is Cheryl Brewster, a CIA agent, originally from Pittsburgh. Out of nowhere, Vlad and his gang begin to chase Jonathan and Cheryl on the UCLA campus. Jonathan eliminates all the Soviets with a tranquilizer gun which he gets from the campus veterinary sciences building. The Soviets are arrested, the CIA agents thank Jonathan for his (indirect) help in obtaining the film, and Sasha tells him she wants to continue their relationship.  After they part, Jonathan talks to a pretty student who rebuffs him coldly. As she walks away, he aims the tranquilizer pistol and shoots her in the rear.
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剧情介绍:  Sir Charles Baskerville dies at the entrance of his manor, and Doctor Mortimer says he died of natural causes. However, when telling Sherlock Holmes of the case, he feels Sir Charles' death was a result of a centuries old curse that runs in the Baskerville family, which Dr. Mortimer feels will strike at Sir Charles nephew, Sir Henry, who is arriving to claim the Baskerville estate. Holmes sends Dr. Watson in his place, along with Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry, to the manor and for Watson to keep an eye out for any suspicious actions. Immediately after arriving, Watson notices the queer occurrences at the estate and surrounding moors, and sends Holmes reports of what is going on concerning the life of Sir Henry. Will Holmes arrive in time to unravel the mystery, and who is responsible for Sir Charles' death and the attempted murder of Sir Henry? Is it Dr. Mortimer, neighbor Stapleton, butler Barryman, harmless old Frankland, a mysterious wild man, or is there a curse on the Baskerville family? Very good opening entry in the Rathbone-Bruce Holmes series (even though this film lacks qualities of any ongoing entries.) The film could have been a bit more darker and foreboding (the film does have a movie studio set feel) and have an ending with a little more confrontation to it, but it does provide for much fun. The romantic scenes with Greene and Barrie have little spark, but there are very good red herring performances by the cast, which is a plus for this movie. Rating, 8.
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剧情介绍:  西西里人萨尔瓦托·朱里安诺的传奇经历。  朱里安诺是近代历史上一个近乎罗宾汉式的人物,他统治着西西里的大片土地,四十年代起,他一方面企图促使自己的故乡摆脱意大利政府的独立,另一方面又要与当地的黑手党、教会等多方势力明争暗斗……  由于《教父》在小说和电影方面的前所未有的巨大成功,马里奥•普佐于1984年推出了又一本黑社会题材小说《西西里人》,电影改编权卖出了100万美元的高价。获得改编权的格拉登娱乐公司(Gladden Entertainment)的老板大卫•贝格曼(David Begelman)选择迈克尔•西米诺来执导影片。西米诺向制片人布鲁斯•麦克纳尔(Bruce McNall)抱怨老板贝格曼在剧本和演员挑选上干涉过多。比如西米诺希望克里斯托弗•兰伯特演男主角朱里亚诺,贝格曼则考虑让某个法国演员出演。麦克纳尔将西米诺的意见传达给贝格曼后,西米诺如愿所偿地得到了他心目中的男一号克里斯托弗•兰伯特。可惜在事后看来,这或许并非最好的选择。年纪尚轻的兰伯特尚无法与一代枭雄的魅力和气场相衬,他在片中的演技遭到了诟病。  影片在西西里拍摄时,遇上了进度落后和预算超支的问题,另外当地的黑手党人把控着一些拍摄地和工会工人,对影片拍摄也是一项阻碍。西米诺让贝格曼和麦克纳尔出面和当地黑手党进行商谈,商谈之后他们才得知,黑手党之所以阻扰电影拍摄,原来是希望自己能在影片中出镜,于是马上安排着这些人担当群众演员,问题迎刃而解。  拍摄结束后,西米诺一头扎进剪辑室里工作了六个月,剪出了一版长约150分钟的成片。但根据合同,他对影片只拥有120分钟的最终剪辑权。影片在美国国内的发行商二十世纪福斯公司拒绝了西米诺的150分钟版本,要求他将片子剪短。西米诺一气之下,把影片剪到了120分钟之内,其实是把所有动作戏份统统剪了。这下轮到贝格曼和麦克纳尔不满了,西米诺则辩称自己拥有120分钟的最终剪辑权而拒绝让步,双方只好对簿公堂。最终法庭判决合同中所谓的120分钟最终剪辑权无法成立,西米诺欺骗了制片人。贝尔曼最终将影片剪到115分钟,《西西人》终于得以问世。  即将由Shout Factory发行的《西西里人》蓝光采用的是146分钟的导演剪辑版,不过有不少人认为西米诺犯了不知取舍、大而无当的毛病,导演版令人昏昏欲睡,倒是115分钟的剧院版更紧凑精彩些,这就见仁见智了